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My beautiful icon is made by the even more beautiful aomaoe

Heyo! I was accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design yesterday! \o\ I was wondering if any of my watchers here have gone to the school, or maybe know others that have? If you guys have any advice for this school, I would be really grateful to hear it! I'm going to go for a degree in Sequential Arts. I had the chance to visit the school and take a tour, but it's always good to hear insider information too! I'm also open to hearing advice from people who have gone to any other art schools, because I'm sure I could apply that to SCAD. :heart:
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Death's Apprentices - Sawyer by Gollyzilla
Death's Apprentices - Sawyer
ID #/ Card: #528597746

Name: Tamara Sawyer

HP: 17 

THREADCUTTER username: TombRaider

Gender: Female

Height: 5"5' / 165.1 cm

Level of spiritual awareness: Lvl 4 Can faintly see light bouncing off of threads, like nearly invisible string



+ Intelligent: Sawyer has always been an honor student, but even without her book smarts, she has a very quick wit. There is nothing that makes her happier than learning new, fascinating information. She thrives off of new experiences.

+ Friendly: Unless someone has given her reason to dislike them, she's naturally polite towards other people. She has a soft spot for those younger than her, and can sometimes take on a bit of a motherly or big-sisterly role with them. 

+ Tough: Both physically and emotionally. She can take quite a bit of a punch without admitting she's in pain, and she can put her feelings aside when the situation calls for it.

+ Hard-working: Once she has a goal, she'll try to achieve it no matter what. When working with or for other people for a common cause, this is even more so. She hates to let people down.

- Smart assed (when angered): Her wit can turn into a very sharp tongue when she's mad. She has no problem sassing someone up the wall if she feels disrespected. Sometimes can forget her place, especially if she's riled up over something she's passionate about. She may mouth off to the wrong person.

- Stubborn: If she doesn't want to do something, it's nearly impossible to force her. In fact, trying to force her will likely make her want to do things less. 

- Overprotective: She worries very much for the people she cares about. She worries a LOT. Sometimes this can be pretty annoying to the people she fusses over, unfortunately. 

- Solitary: It's not that she actively avoids people-- she just tends to be more introverted, spending time alone reading and writing for fun most days. She's also slow to open up to others until she fully trusts them.

Weapon of Death: A large quill pen, with an abnormally long and pointed tip that can cut as sharp as a fine razor. Sawyer spent most of her time as a student writing papers in her college library, so she finds this weapon to be fitting for her. It also combines her life passion of loving old-fashioned items. It can't actually write, unfortunately, as it would just slice through any paper.

Cell phone: The latest iphone, decorated with a cute case and filled with her favorite music.

Obituary: 1992-2015. She had fallen asleep in the library at school, and so it was late at night when she left to go home. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and she would have been fine, if not for the drunk driver that came speeding around a corner towards her. Everything happened so fast she didn't realize that she had been hit and killed instantly-- not until she woke up in a field full of flowers...

Bio:  In life, Sawyer was a college student studying archaeology. School was her entire life, and she spent most of her years reading books and studying. It wasn't the most exciting life in the world, but it certainly made her happy. She grew up in California, and often went to the beach for fun, but her favorite places to go were historical sites. There was nothing that she loved more than history, and her room was filled with collections of old antiques: the older, the better. The past of the world fascinated her, and her passion for it drove her in her studies. Sawyer had friends, loved her parents, and was looking forward to becoming a fully-fledged archaeologist in her own right; unfortunately, fate had other plans for her. Her sudden death has come very recently, and she's still adjusting to her new afterlife.

Extra: Newbie to being dead

Contact: Chatrooms or skype

2-4 ) Open

0 STR: Average strength
0 DEX: Average dexterity
2 CON: Sawyer is fairly tough, she can take a lot of hits both emotionally and physically without admitting her pain. 
4 INT: Very intelligent! She was a brilliant student, and her high intelligence was the reason for it
4 WIS: Aside from book smarts, she also has a level head on her shoulders and generally makes wise decisions
3 CHA: She has a lot of practice with debate, and can be very persuasive in her points
Eternity by Gollyzilla
Happy birthday picture to Blood! I hope you have a good one, go eat some dang Applebees. :iconlazeplz:

Here's GW2 versions of Quill and Velimir~ I'm trying to get the sword Twilight and she's trying to get Sunrise. AND YOU COMBINE THEM TO MAKE THE SWORD 'ETERNITY' so that's my hilarious title joke. *laughs alone with salad* 
Arcane Knowledge by Gollyzilla
Arcane Knowledge
There is an ancient, forgotten language written in those magical books. Only those with the most elite arcane knowledge can decipher it. (it's wingdings)

For the Topvolt Academy quest at :iconrising-crowns:!

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