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My beautiful icon is made by the even more beautiful aomaoe

Just posting a head’s up that I probably won’t be super active for a few weeks! :’v I’m packing up this week to move, and then at the new place I probably won’t have internet for a bit. And then I’m going on a vacation with friends for a week. I’ll probably still post from the mobile app and a little on my twitter tho!
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SybalHeim - Spice Daddy by Gollyzilla
SybalHeim - Spice Daddy
For :iconsybal-heim: !!

Name:  Chigusa Seiji

Nicknames: Lovage

Age: 127

Physical Age:  27

Height:  5'9”

Hair:  Black

Eyes: Dark brown

Faction:  Insurgent (Irizima)

Lovage was approached by an Irizima agent early on, when he was still just getting used to the city (more in history). From there, he went through the usual process one takes when becoming an Irizima agent: after joining the Insurgents, he was secretly watched, quietly tested on whether he had the loyalty and determination to join their ranks.

It took many years to gain their trust, but eventually he was approached by the Irizima agents and offered a place with them. By then, he was already deep enough in the cause to accept it without a second thought. After many decades of training, he has only recently been placed as a fully-fledged Irizima agent. He wears a bracelet with a bead that has the image of the rhino's two-notched horn.

Occupation:  Lovage has insisted on working in the spice trade from the very beginning. It was, after all, the job he knew how to do best all his life. He runs his business like a true professional, selling spices to homes and businesses in every district in the city. In fact, he's determined to run as much of a monopoly as he can on spice trade in the city, and dislikes having competition in this field.

And his second job, kept in secret but even more important to him than the first, is his work with the Irizima.

Sybal Form:  Red Oni

Becoming a hulking, nearly ten foot tall beast, Lovage's sybal form looks something of a mix of mythical creatures. His top half resembles a Japanese oni, with a huge mane of white hair that nearly reaches the ground. His bottom half is that of a goat's, giving his lower body the appearance of a satyr. There are four dark eyes on his face, and his hands grow massive and clawed. His body is hunched over, and so he typically walks or runs on all fours. He can stand up and walk only on his back feet, but he moves more quickly with the aid of his hands. Because of the large teeth that grow in his mouth, his sybal's gutteral, low voice often sounds a bit muffled. He is stronger and heavier in this form, but not supernaturally so. He also has bad vision as a sybal, but a very strong sense of smell.

Sybal Power:  Pepper breath

Lovage gains the ability to breathe fire, his stomach and chest perpetually giving off heat because of it. Although his insides and mouth are immune from being hurt by breathing this, the rest of him is not, and he can very well burn himself if he isn't careful. He may billow smoke out of his mouth or nostrils.

Docile or Feral: Circumstantial feral. He has unfortunately never been able to reform himself into a completely docile sybal. His sybal form seems to be the manifestation of his own ambition, and so in this form he tends to speak more brashly and has less restraint over doing what he pleases. This was far worse in the beginning, but now he has enough control over himself to not do or say anything too rash. However, his feral nature can still be triggered if he decides that he wants something badly enough. He'll become determined to get it, no matter who or what gets in his way. While he's typically not dangerous, this is something of an embarrassment to him, and so he's continuously working on his self control when in this state. He prefers to spend his time as a sybal locked away in his home, to prevent himself from going feral in front of others.


+ Clever, patient, composed, polite, ambitious, hard-worker, adamant
- Two-faced, manipulative, liar, snarky/cruel, sometimes obsessive, selfish when it comes to reaching his/ Irizima's goals

Clever and patient, Lovage is a man who tends to meticulously plan out his actions before executing them. His main talent by far is his extraordinary level of self-control, especially when it comes to hiding his true thoughts and emotions. He could hate a man with all of his heart, but still treat him like a best friend for years-- all the while waiting for an opportunity to plant a dagger in his back.

Of course, he is not actually devoid of emotion. He gets angry and sad like anyone else, and will allow himself to show it at rare times; but for the most part, he practices self-restraint with his feelings, especially when around other people. He's uncomfortable being seen in these “weak” moments, so he tends to only show a smile in public. Generally, he appears as polite and even easy-going around others, although he can really have a snarky sense of humor, sometimes to the point of cruelty.

However, this type of attitude means that Lovage is incredibly two-faced, and he tells lies easily without any remorse. He is an ambitious man to a fault, and he has no problems getting his hands dirty if it will help him reach is goals. If he truly wants something badly enough, he can even become obsessive about working towards it. From his point of view, it is regrettable if his actions hurt the people around him-- but he feels that everything he does is for a greater purpose. In order to find a way to free everyone from this city, or at least know its true purpose, he ascribes to the belief that “you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs”, even if that means sacrificing the lives of innocent people.

History:  Lovage keeps his past to himself, and has never told anyone much about his life before the city, except that he was a spice merchant.

Before he was Lovage, he was Chiguse Seiji. Born in 1765 in Osaka, Japan, he was the second son of a wealthy but cruel man who placed his money before all else. Seiji was still very young when his older brother and mother passed away from illness, and so he became the heir to his family's spice trading business. Although his father did his best to hide it, Seiji knew he had a hand in some illegal activities; he did his best to ignore this, turning a blind eye to the extra money his father mysteriously 'gained'. His father remarried and had more children, and although Seiji hated him deeply for the way he mistreated his family, he kept up an act of being respectful towards the man while subtly protecting his younger siblings from him. 

However, Seiji was unable to protect himself. He had studied and worked for years to help manage the family business and had been making great strides in expanding their trade routes. Until the day that authorities showed up at his door to arrest him for theft and murder. He had never done these things, of course, but his father had certainly covered his own tracks by framing his son for his crimes. Seiji knew almost immediately that this had to be the work of his father, so rather than go peacefully with the officials, he ran.

It was during his escape, filled with anger and a desire for justice, revenge, anything-- that he found the forest leading to Sybalheim. He was so preoccupied with trying to escape that he went straight into the unfamiliar territory, and thus he unknowingly sealed himself in as one of the city's citizens.

When he was greeted, had calmed down from his pursuit. and first set eyes on the city, Seiji was fascinated; that fascination soon turned to horror and outrage when he learned that he would be unable to leave. He made it no secret to anyone that he wanted to know what was going on, who was in charge, why they were there, and why they could not return-- and it was likely his questioning attitude that caught the attention of the Irizima agent who began the process of recruiting him. Bit by bit, he learned about the world of the Insurgents through their meetings, and decided to join their side. On the outside, he became peaceful and friendly towards city officials.

Now, he spends his days as a spice merchant in the city, acting as a model citizen. All the while, he does work for the Insurgents/Irizima in secret.

Additional Info: 

  • The nickname Lovage started out as a joke, as he was fascinated by this spice after tasting it in a soup for the first time in Sybalheim. He began to make himself a bowl of soup with this as the ingredient each morning, and some of his neighbors dubbed him as 'Lovage' because of it. He took the nickname further and began using it as an alias, preferring to use that over his true name now.

  • Acts very buddy-buddy with city officials like the ministers, he's a two-faced asshole honestly

  • He does not trust Basileus one bit. He sees the city not as a paradise, but as a prison where their keeper's true intentions are unknown. His main goal is to help find a way for people to leave the city, or at the very least, discover the truth behind everything.

  • Without his glasses he's blind as a bat

  • Practices shintoism in private

BwT: Flowers by Gollyzilla
BwT: Flowers
Entry for the Bi-Weekly theme! Sawyer with flowers. Who gave her the flowers? :iconitisamystery:
Just posting a head’s up that I probably won’t be super active for a few weeks! :’v I’m packing up this week to move, and then at the new place I probably won’t have internet for a bit. And then I’m going on a vacation with friends for a week. I’ll probably still post from the mobile app and a little on my twitter tho!
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