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My beautiful icon is made by the even more beautiful aomaoe

Just posting a head’s up that I probably won’t be super active for a few weeks! :’v I’m packing up this week to move, and then at the new place I probably won’t have internet for a bit. And then I’m going on a vacation with friends for a week. I’ll probably still post from the mobile app and a little on my twitter tho!
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Just posting a head’s up that I probably won’t be super active for a few weeks! :’v I’m packing up this week to move, and then at the new place I probably won’t have internet for a bit. And then I’m going on a vacation with friends for a week. I’ll probably still post from the mobile app and a little on my twitter tho!
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Violet by Gollyzilla

Sawyer's masquerade outfit! Without a mask bc I'm lazy and my hand hurts-- pretend she took it off or something lmao-- and before all the shit hit the fan. Thanks Clement she got dressed up all nice and you ruin everything? rude

Next I'm gonna revamp her app picture :'^)
Death's Apprentices - Sawyer by Gollyzilla
Death's Apprentices - Sawyer
For :icondeathsapprentices:

ID #/ Card: 

Name: Tamara Sawyer

HP: 17 

THREADCUTTER username: TombRaider

Gender: Female

Height: 5"5' / 165.1 cm

Level of spiritual awareness: Lvl 4 Can faintly see light bouncing off of threads, like nearly invisible string

Title: (desired) Weapon's Collector


+ Intelligent: Sawyer has always been an honor student, having quite a lot of book smarts stored in that noggin. Most particularly, she has a love of knowledge about history. There is nothing that makes her happier than learning new, fascinating information.

+ Friendly (with thoses she trusts): When she's comfortable with someone, she's often very warm towards them. She has a soft spot for those younger than her, and can sometimes take on a bit of a motherly or big-sisterly role with them. She tends to fuss a lot over the safety and well-being of those she cares about.

+ Tough: Both physically and emotionally. She can take quite a bit of a punch without admitting she's in pain, and she can put her feelings aside when the situation calls for it.

+ Hard-working: Once she has a goal, she'll try to achieve it no matter what. When working with or for other people for a common cause, this is even more so. She hates to let people down. She's also extremely organized, liking to schedule things and stay on top of her time management.

+ Brave: Even more so in death than in life, she is not often intimidated by baseless threats. She is very much willing to go into dangerous situations to help others. 

- Smart assed (especially when angered): It takes a lot to really anger her, but when that happens she can have a very sharp tongue. She has no problem sassing someone up the wall if she feels disrespected. She may mouth off to the wrong person if angered enough.

- Stubborn: If she doesn't want to do something, it's nearly impossible to force her. In fact, trying to force her will likely make her want to do things less. 

- Overprotective: She worries very much for the people she cares about. She worries a LOT. Sometimes this can be pretty annoying to the people she fusses over, unfortunately. 

- Solitary: It's not that she actively avoids people-- she just tends to be more introverted, spending time alone reading and writing for fun most days. She's also slow to open up to others until she fully trusts them.

- Somewhat reckless: Her willingness to go into dangerous situations may end up causing her harm.

Weapon of Death: A large quill pen, with an abnormally long and pointed tip that can cut as sharp as a fine razor. Sawyer spent most of her time as a student writing papers in her college library, so she finds this weapon to be fitting for her. It also combines her life passion of loving old-fashioned items. It can't actually write, unfortunately, as it would just slice through any paper.

Cell phone: The latest iphone, decorated with a cute case and filled with her favorite music.

Obituary: 1992-2015. She had fallen asleep in the library at school, and so it was late at night when she left to go home. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and she would have been fine, if not for the drunk driver that came speeding around a corner towards her. Everything happened so fast she didn't realize that she had been hit and killed instantly-- not until she woke up in a field full of flowers...

Bio:  In life, Sawyer was a college student studying archaeology. School was her entire life, and she spent most of her years reading books and studying. It wasn't the most exciting life in the world, but it certainly made her happy. She grew up in California, and often went to the beach for fun, but her favorite places to go were historical sites. There was nothing that she loved more than history, and her room was filled with collections of old antiques: the older, the better. The past of the world fascinated her, and her passion for it drove her in her studies. Sawyer had friends, loved her parents, and was looking forward to becoming a fully-fledged archaeologist in her own right; unfortunately, fate had other plans for her. Her sudden death has come very recently, and she's still adjusting to her new afterlife. She's extremely cautious about everything and everyone at the moment, and needs time to warm up to others.

Extra: Newbie to being dead

Contact: Chatrooms or skype


0 STR: Average strength
0 DEX: Average dexterity
2 CON: Sawyer is fairly tough, she can take a lot of hits both emotionally and physically without admitting her pain. 
4 INT: Very intelligent! She was a brilliant student, and her high intelligence was the reason for it
4 WIS: Aside from book smarts, she also has a level head on her shoulders and generally makes wise decisions
3 CHA: She has a lot of practice with debate, and can be very persuasive in her points

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